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Case Studies


UK Delux Boarding Facility in South West England

The owner of this establishment started using RezEasy Kennels in 2006 after looking for a product which would alleviate some of the administrative burden involved in taking and managing bookings. Not only were they only running at approx 60% capacity, they were often missing potential booking as they could not respond to the client quick enough to secure the booking.

RezEasy Kennel Software has been an invaluable tool which increased efficiency and optimised availability in real time. In this case study the owner has seen profits increase and his business reach full capacity most of the year.


Canadian Based Boarding Facility in British Columbia

The owners of this establishment started using RezEasy Kennels in 2008. Normally taking bookings by telephone, fax and email enquiries they were looking for a robust system which would consolidate all their booking streams onto one reliable system. Since using the software they can accredit some 50% of their total bookings per year to the RezEasy booking software. In this particular case the software had paid for itself within a few weeks.



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