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RezEasy Kennel & Cattery Online Booking

The RezEasy software is delivered as a full package ready to go on your website and includes the installation and templating to allow the software to match the look and feel of your existing site. It also includes uploading your accommodation types and rates including any seasonal variations.

There is space to add specialist services which you provide your customers and these can be customised as required to be included in your booking form. This area can also include your specific terms and conditions, such as vaccination and health check requirements.

All in all the package is ready to go and take over from your manual reservation system on an agreed go live date.

This full package normally retails at £495 + VAT which is a one off payment. For a limited time only a discount of 20% will be offered to those who have registered their interest in the software before 1 July 10. This will reduce the price to only £396 + VAT a small price to pay for the many benefits to be gained by using our software.

Added Bonus -

In Sep 2010 a new and dynamic pet industry specific directory website will be launched which aims to surpass all others and become the premier resource for customers looking for pet related services. Our feature loaded listings include video, picture gallery, web-link, masked email link and thousands of words of text will be the envy of our competitors. For those purchasing this software you will receive a free complimentary full listing for one year which you will be able to manage via your own dedicated control panel.


Website Design & Redesign

There are many factors associated with designing a website. It is essential that each project is carefully planned and designed in full consultation with the owner. Costs for custom based designs are difficult to estimate but we can provide fully detailed competitive estimates once all requirements are known. However, to help with planning and budgeting an average cost of £40 per web page is a reasonable estimate to go on.


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